everybody bleeding to the higgs boson blues.

 random snaps from the last few months. me and dear K on new year's eve.

 K and shea, who is back for good!

the truth is i have still been taking film photos, not as much as i used to but it's still happening. i get it developed and the envelopes just pile up. i have a real unenthusiasm for sharing as much as i used to, or more specifically going through the film once it's become an actual thing i can touch in my hands. i am working on this.

halo contemplates turning 12. TWELVE. this happened in december and i don't think i still have quite grasped it. or the way time moves and bends and children grow. i don't think i ever will. but boy do i sure love him.

 my little nephew luca, silly and free. xo


we go down with the dew in the morning light.

so excited for this album, i can't hardly wait. xo