i was the one.

I Was The One // 5"x7" // acrylic on paper

still on this kick i suppose. this summer has been a weather roller coater and i feel anxious that it is august already tomorrow. feeling like my head is floating in space. a real space case over here.
oh, and new prints are coming soon to the old etsy shop. 


i've seen you.

I've Seen You // 5"x7" //acrylic on paper // www.lostteeth.net

can't stop, won't stop painting spaced-out goth girls.


spirit of moon.

Spirit of the Moon // 5" x7" // acrylic on paper

i realized i haven't been posting much art lately. here is a little painting i did today. i am making a bunch of smaller paintings to take to ghost gallery for their mini art section. please email me if interested in any of the art you see here: lost.tooth@gmail.com. and as always, thanks for looking! 


you take it all away.

only mildly. nyc may 2012.