i get lost in the water when the tide pulls me in.

i forgot about these photos i took last summer until i found them today.
one of the last nights we could go night swimming in the lake before it got too cold.
i still have these masks in my trunk.


nothing wrong when a song ends in a minor key.

from geeta's birthday way back in april. <3


we are like a wishing well and a bolt of electricity.

geeta with the pusser's! look how happy it makes people! and also it helps when the sun breaks free. <3


the graduate.

goodbye elementary school. goodbye painted bright hallways and art on the walls. goodbye sweet little kids and innocence. thank you for 6 cherished years.

so unbelievably proud of my dear halo. i feel as if he was just born and is 100 years old at the same time.  how can it be time to close this chapter already?

hello middles school. i'm scared.




a good read.

i would have liked to have known my father before i was born. <3