Clamor // 11" x 8.5" // pencil + acrylic on paper

this and some other paintings of mine are in the NOISE show this evening at the black lodge. see you there?


i got lost in the sound.

Cacophony // 8.5" x 11" // pencil + acrylic on paper

i finally joined the rest of the universe and made a tumblr. check it out here. and please post yours in the comments if you have one, i want to follow you. xo


six sounds to hold you down.

Six Sounds To Hold You Down Part I // 11" x 8.5" // pencil + acrylic on paper

here is a sneak peak at 2 paintings i am making for the NOISE show.

Six Sounds To Hold You Down Part II // 11" x 8.5" // pencil + acrylic on paper

they belong together. see.

more coming soon. and here is a great write up of the show in redefine magazine, hope to see you there!


the illusion of time.

nothing lasts forever, no one ever dies // 12" x 12" // pencil + acrylic on wood


i'm drowning in the sea of waking life.

chelsea wolfe at the tractor tavern a couple months ago. her shoes were amazing. but nothing compares to her voice. haunted forever.


good day sunshine.

any day now, it's gonna get a little bit brighter...


the night was deep and the night was dark.

some lovely faces at the opening of my show at velouria last month.

mindy, above, took my photo, below.
so thankful to have such lovely, supportive friends! one more week to check out the show before it comes down! <3