you and me, we used to be together, everyday together always.

i'm (begrudgingly) back from california where i spent a very lovely few days in the desert, and visited one of my favorite places in the world. it was all very warm and relaxing until i was cursed by one of the worst cases of food poisoning i have ever had. i don't think i have ever thrown up so much in one day in my life.

and now i have laryngitis. when i manage to speak i sound like a squeaky door.

the fun never stops!


to the bone.

to the bone // 8" x 10" // pencil + ink + acrylic on paper

BRB.... california calls...


you must take care.

you must take care // 8" x 10" // pencil + ink + acrylic on paper

a very sincere thank you to everyone who came to the opening at velouria on saturday!! i am pretty sure i have the most amazing and supportive friends in the world. It truly was a magical evening! the show is up until the beginning of march, you can visit these ladies anytime you like, come meet them in the physical world. the gold in her eyes just really doesn't shine in this internet box. <3


the practice of protection.

the practice of protection // 11" x 14" // pencil + ink + acrylic on paper

how much longer // 11" x 14" // pencil + ink + acrylic on paper

My art show opens tomorrow in Seattle. It is at Velouria Boutique & Gallery, February 11th 6-9pm, part of the Ballard Art Walk. I've been hard at work, making these mystical ladies and getting very little sleep. I made them up and they're not even real! They won't be real until you look at them with your eyes. Please come tomorrow and do just that.

Velouria is located 2205 NW Market Street Seattle, WA 98107. The show will be up for one month. Hope to see you there! <3



soothsayer // 8.5" x 11" // acrylic on paper

can't stop painting these mystical women. almost show time! <3


the soothsayer's veil.

the soothsayer's veil
// 8" x 10" // acrylic on paper


oracle of one.

two people today told me about dreams they had that i was in. i think my dream self might be having more fun than my non-dream self. ain't that the way it goes.