the oracle of two.

it's pretty much painting non-stop over here. i wish i had a jacket made of space.


the oracle of three.

and one for the weekend. getting excited for the show. in other news, i just got tickets to see bruce springsteen in new jersey on my birthday.


know your spirit beast.

earth // giraffe

air // goat

more new beast ladies. i don't even know what is happening anymore.


raise your hands up to the sky.

water // buffalo

we are snowed in here in seattle in the middle of a mini blizzard! the whole city has been shut down since tuesday, a white, calm blanket on everything. it's been fun, and magical, and i've been hard at work on my upcoming show in february. i started making these little animal ladies in between the show pieces as a way to take a "break", but rather like the way they are turning out.

fire // ram

i will be making prints of these, and many other new pieces for my etsy shop and cleaning out the old stuff soon, so this is a last call on most prints currently in the shop. stay warm! xo





and it must feel nice to leave no trace, no trace at all.

my friend reno snapped this pic on new year's eve. looking forward to getting that film back and seeing the photo on the other side. it's 2012 now. doesn't that just sound crazy? i'm having trouble with it slipping off my tongue. the future is here and it's weird.