the practice of protection.

the practice of protection // 11" x 14" // pencil + ink + acrylic on paper

how much longer // 11" x 14" // pencil + ink + acrylic on paper

My art show opens tomorrow in Seattle. It is at Velouria Boutique & Gallery, February 11th 6-9pm, part of the Ballard Art Walk. I've been hard at work, making these mystical ladies and getting very little sleep. I made them up and they're not even real! They won't be real until you look at them with your eyes. Please come tomorrow and do just that.

Velouria is located 2205 NW Market Street Seattle, WA 98107. The show will be up for one month. Hope to see you there! <3


nosuchsafety said...

I just love your paintings so much.

lost teeth said...

thank you! <3