goodbye 2011.

A year's end is always surreal, the feeling of time slipping between your fingers, a mark of time you can look at as a whole. One of the most amazing moments of 2011 for me was being able to see the West Memphis 3 walk out of prison as free men after 18 years. While that ending was far from perfect, I am hopeful that someday soon there will be full exoneration for them.

Spending time with Jason these last few months has been an amazing gift. Being able to spend Christmas with him, watching him learn to drive, carve his first pumpkin ever, jumping in a lake in the middle of the night, or just sitting by the fire and playing with my dog, all these simple things are suddenly amazing.

I try to never forget a lot of things, like how flawed our justice system is, or that Washington state still has the death penalty, or how lucky we all are in the grand scheme of things, and that magic is all around us. But most of all, I try to never forget that I am free.

Happy 2012! I’m going to do my best to learn to be present, and really live in the moment. xo

You can donate to the West Memphis 3 Freedom Fun here.


the returning light after the darkest night.

happy solstice, friends! light a candle and welcome the return of the light.


you are a creature of the night, girl, quit trying to act light.

you are a creature of the night, girl, quit trying to act light // 12" x 16" // pencil + ink + acrylic on paper


despair and deception, love's ugly little twins, darling, you're the punishment for all of my former sins.

the photo of the women, quite possibly my favorite photo i have taken in a good, long while.

musée rodin // paris // 2011


walk with me now under the stars, it's a safe and easy pleasure, it seems we can be happy now, it's late but it ain't never.

ahhh the moon in scotland. as seen from a graveyard just after midnight. captivating, to say the least.


and we walked and walked across the endless sands.

a long time ago a dear friend of mine, who loved to take photos, gave me a black and white photo of her feet similar to the above photo. she was standing in the sand in santa cruz. her toes buried in it, a rush of water almost upon them. the photo resulted in her lens falling into the water just as the wave was sucked away from the earth. the lens was lost, but the photo remains, i still have it framed in my home.

that dear friend of mine would have been 30 years old on this very day.

happy birthday, ashley. i still miss you so.

the moon in the sky like a dislodged crown.



today, the person i love best turns eleven.
a very lucky number.
eleven whole years on this earth, taking up my whole heart.

happy birthday, halo!

now, please stop growing so fast. <3