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midnight in paris. sigh.

happy circus indeed.


heather duby benefit!

My friend Heather was in an accident and we are having a benefit to help ease the burden of her many medical bills. I made the event poster and will have some art in the auction. I also did the cover for Heather's last EP, Latency, and am a huge fan of hers. More info below. xo

Benefit to help Seattle-based musician Heather Duby recover from a recent accident

"Heather Duby was in an accident that crushed her right and her left hand. It was thought both hands might have to be amputated when she was first seen at the emergency room, but thanks to the expertise of the hand specialist team at UMDNJ Hospital, both hands were able to be saved. They are, however, substantially compromised.

She has undergone 7 surgeries to replace skin, bone and tendon, and still has at least 2 or 3 remaining. She did lose half of her right middle finger, and is currently waiting to have 3 tendons replaced in the left fingers. The surgery for tendon replacement is delayed until her recent skin graft surgery (which involves a 15 inch donor site from her leg) has healed enough to allow another invasive procedure. She is unable to work or play music right now, and it will likely be a long period of time before this changes."

Our goal is to raise funds to ease her financial burden during this time, and to help her get quality physical therapy over the next couple of years...so that she will be able to continue to write and play her beautiful music~


TICKETS: http://post.thestranger.com/seattle/Cart?product=10474840&quantity=unknown

Silent Auction with fantastic items including a pair of Men's MASTADON Vans, Verellen Amplifiers "Big Spider" fuzz Pedal, Devo merch, Kevin Devine merch, Artwork by Scott Musgrove and Justin Hampton, Jewelry, Shoes and much, much more

There is also a ChipIn Donation Site here, if you are unable to attend the benefit:

Please come or help if you can! xoxo