a new compass.

skipping town for a bit. again. gonna hang out underwater. again.

good news though! mercury is finally out of retrograde.

see you soon, chin up chin up.


sooner or later the darks gonna come.

sooner or later the darks gonna come // 8" x 10" //pencil + ink + acrylic on paper.

dark and light. positive and negative. really hard to keep a balance of these energies sometimes. we need both of them. sometimes the light is so hard to find. it can be easier to let the negative take you over. as a person who wants to be full of hope and wonder, i often need reminders to stay positive. this is one of them.

if you have been as deeply affected as i have by the west memphis three case over the years, friday was a momentous day. i am filled with extreme happiness for their release, heartbreak over their wrongful accusation, imprisonment, torture, and humiliation for 18 years. please visit wm3.org and donate what you can.

i hope the rain, snow, the sunsets and sunrises, and the air on your skin helps to heal you, damien, jason, and jessie.


it takes two to make a thing go light.

it takes two to make a thing go light // 18" x 24" // pencil + ink + acrylic on paper

i have so many new paintings and photos to post, it's just a matter of finding and organizing them all. i guess it always comes down to time. and finding it. how do you find it? i would like to devote more time to organizing and sharing but there is distracting things like the telescope i bought at a yard sale for $1.50 on saturday. pretty sure i saw some sky weirdness from my front porch the other night. i can't stop thinking about space.


you are like dark in darkness.

you are like dark in darkness // 16" x 16" // pencil + ink + acrylic on wood

a heartfelt thank you to everyone who came to the opening of MOON WORSHIP last night!
and if you weren't able to make it, the show will be up for the next month.

i had so much fun, felt lots of support, and although i was very much looking forward to relaxing for a bit, i feel very inspired and can't wait to get back to it. and did you see the moon last night? epic.


that night was really many nights but they were all the same.

that night was really many nights but they were all the same // 16" x 16" // pencil + ink + acrylic on wood

i've been busy painting my heart out for my upcoming show at ghost gallery. really excited for this one. below are some detailed shots of this preview painting.

every since i saw hubble 3d space has been heavy in my dreams. it freaks me out a bit. let's talk about it together, hope to see you there!


moon worship.

i am having an art show at my favorite local gallery with one of my favorite people. new lunar themed paintings and prints. you should come. ok? ok!

Ghost Gallery is located at 504 E Denny Way at Summit (beyond the wooden fence) in Capitol Hill.

More info here: