i laugh in the face of danger, and then i hide until it goes away.

the day i met xander and my camera decide to be an asshole. he smelled like cigarettes and cologne (in a good way), was hilarious and inappropriate, and gave really good hugs. still a total swoon party.


my city's filthy.

seattle, you sure are good-lookin' when you let up for a moment.


driving in your car I never never want to go home.

me + ashley // our apartment on haight street // san francisco // late winter 2000.

it's been 11 years today. i still miss you so much, ashley.
more than ever, i just feel so unbelievably lucky that i ever had you in my life.
i know you're everywhere and someday i'll see you again.


do you wanna go do you really know i don't ever stay awake for you.

it's hard to make the good things last.

recent film randoms:
triple k.
ooooh this was good in real life. chris duncan at the ambach & rice space.

annie, our stick + poke master.