took me an hour just to get myself brave.

this is what snow falling in the middle of the night looks like, on the middle of the street on which i live, if you look straight up towards the sky. this was a few months ago. outside it felt still and simple, and i felt still and simple. i wanted to stay there awhile, with all the sleeping houses. but it was so cold so i took a picture so it would last longer and so that i could remember to be still.


i thought you'd always be mine.

i fear our blood won't rise again.

the last of the joshua tree pics. for real. i wanna go back right now. for real.


eyes closed.

zach and his truck up from portland for a quick seattle visit. love this dude. i have known him since i was 16 and he transferred to my high school. we would write notes in english class. the highlight of my senior year was driving around with him after school and band practice at his parents house. so many good times in different cities since then, but those days i remember the best.

i can't get down and i won't get down and stay all night with thee.