you can let it bleed if you need to.

heading down to california for some sun and to see some favorites and to hang underwater for a few days. rain city i love you but you are killing me right now.


when you were young and on your own how did it feel to be alone?


you know i had these ballroom dreams.

i couldn't wait for the year to end. i know it doesn't really mean anything. it's just the marking of time and i'm still the same. still, the idea of a fresh start, that we all get to start again when the calendar ends, i really was looking forward to it. but as bad as a year like 2010 was to me, i crossed that finish line stronger than i've been in a good long, while.


don't look back.

don't look back // 16" x 16" // pencil + ink + acrylic on wood.

meet me by the water's end.


i don't feel like doing the things i ought to do.

The lovely and amazing Heather Duby has a new EP out! It's called Latency and is available here. And I happily got to do the cover art. Yay Heather!

is it the future yet?