sooner or later the darks gonna come.

sooner or later the darks gonna come // 8" x 10" //pencil + ink + acrylic on paper.

dark and light. positive and negative. really hard to keep a balance of these energies sometimes. we need both of them. sometimes the light is so hard to find. it can be easier to let the negative take you over. as a person who wants to be full of hope and wonder, i often need reminders to stay positive. this is one of them.

if you have been as deeply affected as i have by the west memphis three case over the years, friday was a momentous day. i am filled with extreme happiness for their release, heartbreak over their wrongful accusation, imprisonment, torture, and humiliation for 18 years. please visit wm3.org and donate what you can.

i hope the rain, snow, the sunsets and sunrises, and the air on your skin helps to heal you, damien, jason, and jessie.


Kelly-Ann said...

Pleased to hear of the release of the Three. I've been interested in the case for a long time. You never expect justice to be done. You teach yourself that jaded is the safest way to be. It's weird when you can allow yourself a small victory :)

Beautiful work as always.

lost teeth said...

thank you, kelly-ann!

it is a victory for sure, and hopefully their names will be fully cleared one day soon. xo