driving in your car I never never want to go home.

me + ashley // our apartment on haight street // san francisco // late winter 2000.

it's been 11 years today. i still miss you so much, ashley.
more than ever, i just feel so unbelievably lucky that i ever had you in my life.
i know you're everywhere and someday i'll see you again.


americaneon said...

What great pics! Brings back so many good memories! Ashley was such a striking beauty with her dark hair, eyes, and fair skin, so lithe... and you with your eyes! It was your eyes that at once I told Das, she's the one! =)

americaneon said...

"The Eyes are a Window to the Soul" Matthew 6

lost teeth said...

wasn't she striking? thanks sam, you are so sweet! i'm glad vivian thinks her eyes are like mine! xoxo