the 9th time i thought of you.

my art show at dolce vita comes down tomorrow afternoon, in case you are into paintings of girls with things pouring out of their faces. if maybe that is your sort of thing you have till tomorrow to see it. thank you.


just one touch now baby i believe.

we touched it.
moon rocks.
moon dudes.
fetal position. all at the space center in houston. space, such fun.


we did it when we were young.

stick and poke time with annie. i need to work on being tough. crossed arrows for friendship!

i was never no never no never enough.

she + him // 5th avenue theater // seattle


bonfires burning bright pumpkin faces in the night.

pillow fight.
the black lodge!
with a log lady!
pumpkin + tequila.
handmade rainbow skelly.
disco ball!

lloyd dobler, i wish you were real.