she's dead, wrapped in plastic.

doing my best laura palmer for halloween this year. hanging out all night in plastic is not really conducive to dancing, but i did my best.


all the silver girls gave us black dreams.

i love halloween. and this photo from last year. you can see more here and here.

3 days of halloween are better than one.



fingers crossed.

fingers crossed // pencil + ink + acrylic on paper // 18" x 24"
up now and for sale at dolce vita in seattle.



one of my very favorite ladies was married last sunday.
to a very lovely man.
we couldn't stop crying. crying because all the love melted our hearts.

and even little shea came back to town from new york!

congratulations laurie + jacob!


it may not eat you but it will beat you.

art opening goodtimes:

thank you lovely family + friends + strangers! show is up at dolce vita for the next 2 months. xo


it's the memory of your warmth that keeps me alive.

i have spent more time underwater this last month then i have in years, and it was heavenly.


why is that i feel like i'm on fire?

did you know i am having an art show this saturday the 9th? at dolce vita in ballard? and it's part of the ballard artwalk? it's true, i am.

presently, i'm in houston. it's my first time. i went to the space center and saw lots of space things and also lots of longhorn cows. but i don't think any space cows. it's hot and i've been spending a lot of time underwater. pretty good.

they had pistols and they had guns, my skirt above my head i was so much older.

maybe you do not yet know this about me but i love amusement parks by the water, on piers, or boardwalks, what have you. totally the best.