the end of paralysis, i was a statuette.

my friend kristien took this picture on what might have been the last summery weekend here in seattle. right now it's pouring rain and i am so not excited for the perpetual rain that is about to happen for the next 8 months.

good thing i'm going to california tomorrow.


sing me to sleep.

randoms. what's been going on?


you always said my mama tried.

why is everyone in portland a cab driver? sadly, chris is missing from this line up.

son, can you play me a memory, i'm not really sure how it goes.


shallow work is the work that i do.

i have read the right books to interpret your looks.

joanna newsom at the moore theater in seattle, august 4th, 2010. heavenly.


i can feel a difference, today, a difference.

today we pressed our backs against the wall and measured to the center of our heads. today you are four feet and seven inches tall, which is new. today i am five feet eight inches tall, which is not so new. i've been this height for ages. i will probably only shrink from here on out, but you will only grow taller. you are officially only thirteen inches shorter than me. today i wanted to freeze you forever because you are growing at an alarming rate and it really just seems too fast sometimes.

black as midnight on a moonless night.

new twin peaks photos making me miss it all over again.


i walked in on a plan to dissolve all of your wishes.

fear not people of belltown, your streets are down one rodent. this little guy was awful proud of his catch. so proud he walked right up and grazed my heel with it while i sat on the patio of black bottle. also his human looked just like sammy hager.

three little devils jumped over the wall.

trash humpers at nw film forum was an interesting time for sure.


wish i could call someone i love to stop thinking of myself .

on july 9th in seattle a really magical time happened.
carissa's wierd reunited for one night only.
first show they had played in 7 years.
you could hear a pin drop.

this band is super precious to me. read a live review here.