someone tell my baby.

dum dum girls at the high dive in seattle last month.

i believe, regardless, i believe in everyone.

a cactus and a french bulldog might just be the best look for summer.


this body's just waiting to die.

i think the universe is trying to tell me something.


please don't burn out before you know just what i'm about.

last night was an epic and magical night in seattle.

two bands i saw any chance i could get when i lived in san francisco over 10 years ago reunited to play a few very special shows. thank you bangs.

thanks the need.

i was so nostalgic and happy, transported to what seems like a life time ago. i thought of ashley and how much she would have loved this.

and it was a rad thing to see people taking care of each other, a real display of community. the shows are a benefit for natalie cox, whom you can learn more about and donate to her fight against cancer here.


i want the heart i want the soul i want control right now.

give me mercy and i need it now, i’m a bleed a little poison out, i’m a cry a little river down.

thank goodness it's finally summer in seattle. i know it's a total drag to talk about the weather but when you live in a rain cloud for like 90% of the year a little sunshine goes a long way. and everyone goes crazy in the best possible way when summer finally hits and sticks around in the northwest. it's pretty much making everything ok right now.


ain't no sin to be glad you're alive.

just finished this new painting "ain't no sin to be glad you're alive" 16" x 16" on wood. for a show that's a ways off. here is some detail below.


bang bang, my baby shot me down.

i posted this last year, but i thought it was worth revisiting. i think bacon still feels the same.


you whisper to me sweet techniques we could murder them by.

zach (pictured below) snapped these pics on film when he was in town a few weeks ago. i really like the light leaks. we met in fresno, in high school english class, and have been friends ever since. i wish we had more photos of those days.