got a heart full of plans but nowhere to run.

I look at the mountain, which is still doing its tricks, as you look at a still-beautiful face belonging to a person who was once your lover in another country years ago: with fond nostalgia, and recognition, but no real feeling save a secret astonishment that you are now strangers. Thanks. For the memories.

-Annie Dillard


eating gold.

i wonder how long he lasted?


they can know you better or they can know you worse, but no one knows you like you do.

really, you could be anything at all. a small pebble getting kicked along on a busy street, a hair in someone's drink, a goodluck charm, a time filler-upper, a warm mouth, a mirror, a tall glass of lemonade on the hottest day of the year. And you will never have any control over these things, what you are to other people. these things can change daily, you can be anything, to anyone, at any moment. it’s a simple choice though, the one you do have. here or gone. stick around or get to going. let ‘em use you or don’t. for some it is an easy choice to close your heart off to other people. but mostly, it’s like when you see a balloon floating high up in the sky, up and off over some distant trees. you trace it with your eyes for as long as you can, but you know it can’t stay up there forever.


come on skinny love just last the year, pour a little salt, we were never here.

Staring at the sink of blood and crushed veneer

I tell my love to wreck it all
Cut out all the ropes and let me fall

And I told you to be patient
And I told you to be fine
And I told you to be balanced
And I told you to be kind
And in the morning I'll be with you
But it will be a different kind
And I'll be holding all the tickets
And you'll be owning all the fines

-bon iver


i don't know why all the trees change in the fall but i know you're not scared of anything at all.

really, truly, the best thing that ever happened to me. hug your mama today.