it's in my skin and blood and bones.

"come on home to california. the june bugs arrived early this year, they're longing to stick to your hair."
- from the best letter i have received in a good, long while


we have everything, life is thundering.

at the dawn of turning nine and a half, halo made a list of all of the things he was going to be.
it had never occurred to him that he couldn't do anything, and everything.

do you remember that feeling?

freedom, without ever even knowing it.


we deserve to know light.

From the top of the flight
Of the wide, white stairs
Through the rest of my life
Do you wait for me there

There's a bell in my ears
There's a wide white roar
Drop a bell down the stairs
Hear it fall forevermore

Drop a bell off of the dock
Blot it out in the sea
Drowning mute as a rock;
Sounding mutiny

I wasn't born of a whistle or milked from a thistle at twilight
No, I was all horns and thorns, sprung out fully formed, knock-kneed and upright
So, enough of this terror
We deserve to know light
And grow evermore lighter and lighter
You would have seen me through
But I could not undo
that desire

-from sawdust and diamonds by joanna newsom


i thought you were dinner, but you were the shark.

this guy was amazing. he was the happiest adult i think i have ever seen. he could really sing and was just radiating pure joy. i wanted to ask him for his autograph but he was just too powerful, i was scared. would have been nice to have his name scrawled on a piece of paper in my wallet, just pull it out sometimes and think about how this guy was happier in that moment that some people are in their whole lives. happy birthday, geeta!


you say you're honest but love is for thieves.

this old lady lives in cory's man den, i forgot about her.


and she wants you to steal and get caught, for she loves you for all that you are not.

might i suggest spending a rainy day at the volunteer park conservatory?
it really does seem to have a healing effect inside.
the cactus area is by far the best way to warm up.
it's humid and wonderful and you can pretend you are in the desert.

i urge you to give it a go.


i'll let your smile just off and carry me.

it's a beautiful thing to watch your friend's dream come true, above is a proud new gallery owner.
ghost gallery was a great place to be last night, full of hope, excitement, and wonder.
and also full of art, of course.

shea's piece about her move to new york almost made me cry.

congratulations laurie and ghost gallery, thanks for letting me be a part of it all!