in the year 2000.

a little over 9 years ago i went into labor while watching conan o' brien. my water broke during a commercial break 3 weeks ahead of schedule and i surprisingly gave birth to a red headed boy. it was the year 2000. special place in my heart forever coco, i will miss ya.


i'm on a ghost train in a ghost cloud.

art times at velouria, halo showed up in a tie and slayed everyone there.


sometimes you've just gotta make it for yourself, sometimes sugar it just takes someone else.

i made some shirts for the art show last week.
they are hand colored and each one is different.
they are for sale at velouria right now but i will be putting some up on my etsy soon.

or you can give a hollar at lost.tooth@gmail.com if you wanna buy one now. xo!


make the other horses jealous.

someone keeps sending me horse illustrated magazine. i don't know if they know that i used to ride horses when i was little but it's making me really nostalgic.


at night i wake up with the sheets soaking wet.

i always done an honest job as honest as i could.

the kids are at their desks shaking their feet in anticipation, tapping their little toes, clomping in their rain boots. there are 30 full fat seconds left until the bell rings, the call to put down your pencil and run from the halls. they are lining up by the door and i see them through the glass part of the wood frame. i feel their excitement and i am excited for them and with them and that i was once them. they are all smiles. no one is sad. i see the mop of red hair of the person i love the best. he is frantically stuffing drawings of an elephant named kibo into his folder, then the folder into his backpack. the class is going to foster an elephant and he wants to foster kibo because he has sunburned ears and a bruised back. i forget how much i worry, how much i fret over everything, how scared i am sometimes. i think of all the parents in the world who choose to miss this, who choose not to be there, who choose themselves over everything in the whole world. and i feel so lucky for never ever even thinking once about being one of them. and deep down i almost, just almost, feel sorry for them. the bell calls out and the hallway floods. a small hand fits itself into mine and out into the world we go, just the two of us.