and i said i know it well that secret that we know that we don't know how to tell.

goodbye 2009. goodbye crazy decade. i started you on a roof top in san francisco and i don't know how i am going to end you but i hope you go out quiet and calm. fresh start 2010 get excited!


we were always waiting for something to happen.

we painted some wood ornaments the other night.
i am really feeling the holiday season this year.
it seems to be flying by, i can't believe it's christmas eve tomorrow.
this star ornament halo made was my favorite.
i love our short, fat christmas tree/bush.


i worried and stalled every night of my life.

last year it was a winter wonderland around here this time of year. the snow made things exciting and shut down everything for a couple of weeks. no one was used to it or knew what to do with it, and everything just seemed to stop. no snow in sight this year yet, but my fingers are crossed.