i can tell that we are gonna be friends.

first day of school!
even though school actually started almost a month ago, i am just getting around to these photos.
i can't believe it's time for third grade already.
i get so weepy everytime the school year starts.
weren't we all doing this just yesterday?


trying to stay conscious.

just a reminder i have prints for sale in my etsy shop in case maybe you need a print of girls with triangles, maybe that is the thing missing in your life.


trouble been doggin my soul since the day I was born.

some people can really bring you down and squash you and do whatever they want and blame everyone else and not even feel bad about being bad people. squishers. how do you get rid of them?


please use your dreams to make new dreams for all the dreams that died.

a whole house will need rebuilding.

legoland is so intense they dont show 3D movies they show 4D movies.
the one we watched was called "spellbreaker" and it really blew halo's mind.

i think i've had my fill of legos for a good, long while.


i think i found what i was looking for.

all my wires without traces.

ah, legoland. one of the main reason we went to san diego.
it was the first time for all of us and i thought halo was going to hyperventilate.
lego hansel and gretal, i know your fate!
halo was so happy, it was magical. check out all the lego buildings below.