i'll dig a tunnel from my window to yours.

i'm not a very good captain.

good sounds on a lovely summer evening at cairo gallery last week. and most the streets surrounding the space were in a black out. extra eery times!


I live in the future and I count all my blessings.

lollipops, suckers, dum dums, candy on a stick.

you already hit it once.

pinata time for cory's birthday!

annie made all of these beautiful little pinatas. they looked like little painted pears.

katie cracked the yellow one.

geeta smashed the blue one in record time.

and i conquered the pink one.

and then the sugar bliss zone out began.


the way you make me feel.

temps are up again this week! i never thought i would be such a fragile little thing so concerned with the weather's every whim.


my body's a zombie for you.

cory went and had himself a birthday and decided there was one thing he wanted to do at his party.
roast a whole pig.
and so he did.

but there were also lots vegetables thank goodness!
and handmade pinatas and friends and dogs going crazy. all of that soon, just wanted to get the pig out of the way. wow.


the old familiar sting.

next up in friends who have moved away this summer is leah.

she is already in her new home in austin and is missed terribly.

we gathered at linda's to say our goodbyes.

if you are in austin find this little face and make fast friends, you will never regret it!