heat wavvvvvvve.

all anyone can talk about in seattle is the record breaking temps. i just swam in a man made lake that is pretty disgusting and it felt like bath water. i have been to the beach more times in the last 2 weeks than the whole summer last year (which was a total rip off). this is the best summer i have ever had in the 9 years i have lived here. extreme weather 09!


don't shake it off.

mika miko making me (and a lot of other people) so very happy at the capitol hill block party.
the most fun i had at the whole thing. funner than sonic youth even!

towel punk.

we had to chill out a lot at the block party cuz it was stupid hot.

it was one million degrees in the cha cha dungeon but we stayed to see moonrats anyway. sweaty times.
the heat makes folks surly.


and then it was over and there was so much trash, it totally hurt my feelings.


in it to win it.

i feel you noon and night.


my sister took me to honore bakery in ballard the other day and it blew my mind. i basically need to eat these every day now, i am totally ruined.


the hot dog guy.

i've said it before, but i think it's just really nice to just look into your friends eyes sometimes. just stare at each other.


take hold.

summertime in our yard. this has been the best seattle summer in a good long while.


only the lonely.

i can't believe the difference this little crazy dog's presence has made in my son's life.


late in the evening.

johnny utah.

portland was quick. i love it there.
evangeline, nurse to be in the very near future.
zach in his best hair look i have ever seen.
food fight was closed, bummer.
chris was having trouble walking.
it's matt, back in portland!
i have known all of these people since high school in fresno, california.
chris went from looking like christian slater to zach galifianakis.
zach shoots film.
brunch at the doug fir. not enough time to eat at all the places i want to eat at.

i think someday i am gonna live in portland, and i can't wait.