that's how people grow up.

i'm a bit behind on photos. these are from my opening "get your knife out" at gossamer collective on june 20th.

that lovely laughing lady is gossamer's own laurie kearny, she is amazing.

they have fancy comfy chairs.

i am a giant.

friends in love.

leah is moving to austin in a few weeks, don't go!

thank you to everyone who came out or thought about coming out, it was a lovely time!! the show is up until july 17th.


dance with me.

it's this bitch's birthday today (we think)!


get gone.

summer art sesh!

halo named his "turquoise world", on the left there.

it is a collection of super mario bros characters, a fav topic at the moment.

and my head feels floaty so i just drew some floaty heads. imagine that.


blue black ink.

halo goes classic for his first tattoo.
and also got a summer buzz. which he is feeling a little sensitive about. i keep telling him it's cool and easy breezy, but he's not so sure.


for keeps.

bacon and i are having kind of a weird day today.


all neon like.

z had a birthday tea party last weekend.

i was not aware that a tea party is actually just eating cupcakes and snacks and drinking lots of champagne with a bunch of babes.

it was fantastic.

the birthday lady.


red lips and pink champagne.

cupcake love is not wrong.


schoolz out for summerz.

later dayz second grade, see you never!


get your knife out.

so this is happening on saturday. it is my last solo show in seattle for a little bit and i would really, really like you to be there. will you come?

it's at a lovely new space called gossamer collective. a bunch of rad ladies just opened this gallery/boutique and i am so proud to be the first artist showing there. i can't wait to see all the things they have lined up.

saturday june 20th
1406 18th ave
seattle, wa 98122

see you there?


wild things.

what am i supposed to do with two of these things?


last chance for a slow dance.

i am in love with seattle lately.

it's been warm and lovely.

and bacon is making new friends.

these dudes were too much.

french bulldogs slay me.

easy breezy.