rise above.

i just watched this like 10 times and cried. whoa. i wish the man with the cornrows was my life coach.


you're doing it right.

opening at 20twenty last saturday went pretty good i think.
walrus and stevie came by.
and izzy and melanie were there.
i gave up trying to take accurate photos of the art, it just looks way different in person, everything always does.
my sweet sister and some dude.
joel, the lovely owner of 20twenty. i highly recommend checking out his shop.
some new prints hanging out above so many treasures. you will surely find something magical.
family ties.
pauly found a baby.
this was my rainer beer girl pose.

thank you!!


you can never have too much cake.

annie brought this amazing cake to the birthday party for steve and me.
born on the same day, one year a part. 
i think we have spent this day together for the last 8 years.
the walrus!
ziska made these amazing double cakes, blue and pink!
and my favorite, little erin.
ballard buddies.
dana james sang a lovely song.
as did steve. 
and then there were jello shots. and so very much cake. yikes.

now that i know.

birthday dinner last week at carmelita's.

i am lucky.

little ava took this photo.

three generations!

these guys.

and these little guys.

and now i am older.

bacon's birthday is next!