are you trying to break my heart?

bacon does this thing where she goes and gets a toy and drops it at my feet. if i am busy i say sorry buddy and don't touch the toy. then she waits a minute and goes and gets another one. and another. and another. until there are 7 toys piled at my feet and she sits right in the middle of them showing how good she is and how perfect she can sit. this breaks my heart. in my mind i think she thinks that i don't like the first toy, or maybe i prefer the squeaky bone to the pink long dog. and if she brings me the right one, then that will be the key to unlock playing. i know she really just wants to play but for some reason this gets me every time.


the source.

can you tell i have a show coming up? i do, details soon.



click pic for big.



cold, rainy easter sunday with some buddies at the fun forest. total abandoned amusement park style with wet seats and chattering teeth.


egg babes.

easter times at my mama's house.


lost + found.

found at our table at a diner in the pike place market one very rainy day.



don't give up.

i made the drawing below a couple of years ago during a particularly low time when i needed some extra encouragement. since then i have been a heavy user of the saying "don't give up".  i made some buttons with the message on them and was thinking of making some t-shirts.
imagine my delightful surprise when a quick search of the phrase on etsy yielded the following result!
of course i ordered them both right away from print liberation's awesome etsy shop.
it's a message even bacon can get behind.


why so serious?

halo with food, an ongoing series.



the opening on friday was great fun.

laurie is showing erin that she is....

engaged to jacob!! hooray!


not sold.

the amazing little erin!

letha myer's beautiful collage boxes.

using paper, found objects, and metal.

the amazing curator laurie of ghost gallery!


it was a lovely time, thank you everyone!!