is that how much you really like me or is it not even close.

we are going to portland tomorrow for a few days because apparently all the lovely visitors we have had from there lately are just not enough. and it's spring break. and halo has never been. and why not really it's so close. so that's where we will be, all of us except for bacon because she thought it would be fun to pee on halo's bed and chew a hole in the chair while i was taking a shower so she does not get to go. it's a bacation.


a mouse and a moose.

fresh off the stage at his spring concert!

i was so proud and get all choked up at these things.
halo mostly just gets embarrassed of me.


real magic everyday.

sometimes i find things like this in halo's room and i just stop and forget everything i am worrying about and am transported back into childhood.

this little guy peaking out totally made my day.


kiss me on the teeth.

look who came to town from portland, it's vanj + chris! two of my oldest bestest friends.
we grew up in a lovely little place called fresno, california together.
we walked to the goodwill in ballard and stopped along the way for a photoshoot.
behind the scenes.
chris looks like christian slater.
we picked up this kitten puzzle.

somehow we got probably the only opened puzzle at the goodwill with none of the pieces missing.
it nearly killed us all.

and then they were gone, come back soon friends!


some girls are bigger than others.

as usual, everyone just comes over to see bacon.


sing a song.

recent times.


there was a sun once...

so the last few days have been a blur. after proclaiming "i haven't been sick all winter!", i promptly got sick. i feel crazy from it, cabin fever, fever dreams, things to do piling up. i am crawling my way out but still not feeling so hot.
so hello internet, how are you feeling?


i think we're alone now.

i just updated my ETSY shop with some new prints and an original painting. i think i will be adding more originals in the upcoming weeks. go check 'em out, they're lonely!


rave on.

today is a super special important day.

my one and only niece ava lucja has been on the planet for 3 years today.

we celebrated early, we just couldn't wait.

the pre-party bagel.

and presents! very exciting.

i'm a sucker for triangle eyes.

new shoes for running faster and jumping higher.

lost in a moment of bliss, the birthday cupcake.

happy birthday ava lu, i love you!