Cut me in quadrants.

story time with jeff.
on the edge of our seats.
an epic tale.

i look annoyed but i was just lost in the ending.


i would send you a post card.

a year ago we were here.

laughing till we cried in mexico.

i wish we were there right now.

halo became one with the sand.

and believe it or not i got a tan. it's true.


get your knife out.

this was one of the pieces i had in the tinlark show last month.

i get really affected by the gloomy grey drizzlefest that is the pacific northwest and have so many half-finished paintings on my desk at this moment. i have such a love/hate thing going on with seattle right now. this weekend was difficult and left me with an emotional hangover so i decided to follow mickey rourke's hair weave around for 2 hours and think about how there is a special place in hell for dead beat parents. cruel times around here, i am wishing them away.


all things good and nice.

keep going.
the eternal tug.
a beaver and a walrus.
cory: then and now.
mother and child.



are you now or have you ever been.

someone didn't enjoy her day at the spa.



don't wanna live there anymore.

down at the showbox the other night past lives played a new song!
2 new songs!
and what's this?
the murder city devils alive and well in seattle.

it was a giddy night for sure.


take my hand, let's play a record.

there's a new band in town that wants to turn heartbreak into a dance party.


bobbi jean.

paintings i did last year of jale's mother when she was young.