battle wounds.

chris came to town on a whim from portland and we discovered we had matching head wounds. i guess when you've known someone for over a decade even your injury's are in sync.
chris is a cab driver and has made a zine of crazy cab stories. trade chris something to get your very own!

also his zine of poems "last house at the dead end of misery" is really good. 


and it's so hard, to say goodbye, to yesterday.

in the night we came.

like tired dogs.

and howled in the moonlight.

in the warm air.

and were gone just as quick as we came.


and there are so many ways to dance.

after the tinlark show we stopped by the opening of the aaron rose show at hope gallery.
objects made beautiful.

and here is cali, but no bobby caramel.

go buy that lamp to light your way, i would if i could!


it's not hard to fall.

los angeles is super dangerous.
and full of celebrities.
halo's favorite.
he was impressed i got a picture of those guys.
mouths open.
my heart will go on.
whoever made the above image: i love you.


and you won't ever let us sleep.

i first saw a picasso when i was halo's age. it was in barcelona and it changed my life. i felt the exact same feelings when i saw the one above. good to know.



i would have loved to have seen this at night. next time.

i love all of them. 



LA was crazy and jam-packed. let's start with the tinlark gallery show:
here i am, overwhelmed but so inspired!
a space to write your wishes, hopes, dreams on the wall.
i won't tell you mine.
halo wishes he could play halo too.
bridie and ricky came!
betsy walton, amazing! i have 2 of her prints in my home.
okay, martha rich blows my mind. i love her. i can't believe i got to be in a show with her.
another martha.
on this wall is betsy walton, marcie paper, kime buzzelli, and me. 

these three are mine.
this and the ones below are all martha rich.
my favorite piece from the show.
"art is too hard".
all martha.
inside tinlark.

you are free.
this whole night was amazing and inspiring and i was so glad i was there and got to be a part of it! this show is up for a month so go check it out if you are in LA.