the black lodge.

pauly and i drove over to snoqualmie falls to jump start vacation time.

twin peaks tour stop at twede's diner aka the double r diner.

waiting for shelly johnson.

a damn fine cup of coffee!

this is what the double r looks like now. tweety bird overload, so sad.

a just ok piece of cherry pie.

"weaknesses: i'm so afraid of BOB."

lots of photos in the back of the diner.

then we went up to the great northern and spent the night.

we went out to look at the falls late at night and it was super spooky.

i just love it up there.


gold fawn said...

why those people changed it twede's, I'll never know!! insanity!
I went there when it was unchanged and the pie was better. I was BIGTIME twin peaks obsessed!

lost teeth said...

i know that the diner was damaged in a fire but it just look like shit in there now. such a bummer, wish i could have seen it unchanged!