Dean Moriarty.

i met jeremy miller when i was 15 years old. i was living in fresno, california, a place i lived from 9 to 17 years of age. and a place i am thankful i got out of. he was older than me and everything a teenage bad boy should be. we shared a lot on and off through my teenage years. he was always a great comfort to me, and as much of a mystery. he was the best at cheering people up. i am thankful we kept in contact and i feel lucky to have known him.

my heart breaks for his daughter, he loved her more than anything.

sometimes violent horrible things happen and there is no making sense of anything at all.


i don't think you're ready for this jelly.

for christmas Beyonce wrote this song about Halo! the lyrics are kinda intense for an eight year old but sometimes you just gotta where your heart on your sleeve. AND, bestly, she yodels! truly this is a magical gift, and also my gift to you. merry christmas gentle readers!



seriously! things are getting a little tense around here!


do you remember that feeling as a kid? don't ever forget.


slide on over.

so i was going to write a post about how icy it is here and how i tried to drive this morning and i couldn't get out of my neighborhood and my car spun around when i tried to brake and how scary it was but then i saw this and i felt really lucky. and stupid for trying to drive.

i was just glad i was in ballard and not capitol hill. thankfully everyone is ok but can you imagine what was going through their heads when the first set of tires went over??

seattle doesn't do ice and snow very well.