for all your tiny dead things.

here are some of the wooden coffins i've been hand-painting recently, you can find these at the belfry in seattle. each one is different with secret messages throughout. i updated my website with some of the other projects i've been working on lately besides painting. have a look: www.lostteeth.net  xo


in oblivion.

In Oblivion // 9”x12”// acrylic on paper // Natalia Czajkiewicz 2014 // www.lostteeth.net

New painting finished for a group show opening at Ghost Gallery here in Seattle tonight, October 9th, 5-9pm. Hope to see you there. xo


everything is light and sound.

You left this world 14 years ago today and I still sleep in your favorite tshirt. Time heals nothing. RIP Ashley.



happy full moon valentine's day, blood lovers. xo
Augury // 11"x14" // acrylic on paper 2014



hello! it's 2014 how did that happen? i've been terrible about updating this blog with all the things i've been making but i've been a busy bee. i will try to be better. here is a painting i made in 2013 that was not of a lady. the original is sold, but you can find prints in my etsy shop if you fancy it. i will be adding more prints soon from my most recent show. happy new year! xo

Vertex // 9"x12" // acrylic on paper 2013



My new solo show IN MEMORY OF is opening at The Belfry this Thursday November 7th. This opening is part of the First Thursday Artwalk in Pioneer Square. The show will be be up for all of November and features new paintings as well as hand-painted vintage leather jackets, small coffin boxes, and hand-stitched bandanas + handkerchiefs. Excited to share all the new things I've been making!

Hope to see you there! 

More info at www.lostteeth.net and www.thebelfryoddities.com.



Ascension // 11"x14" // acrylic on paper 2013

been painting my little heart out for a new solo show i have at the belfry here is seattle. the opening is on november 7th, more info coming soon! xo



Diremption // 9"x12" // acrylic on paper 2013

this summer has been a wild one and has gone too quickly. as it comes to close i am, as always, shocked by how quickly time moves the older i get. hope you are all happy and healthy and free. x



Hope // 4’x4’ scrim banner // Natalia Cajkiewicz 2013

The Capitol Hill Block Party starts today! Lots of wonderful visual art this year in addition to rad bands. If you go,  keep an eye out for the PORTENT banners Kristien Ziska and myself made. Look up look up! See you on Pike Street. xo 



Healer // 4’x4’ scrim banner // Natalia Cajkiewicz 2013

Tonight is the Capitol Hill Block Party Visual Arts Reception at Chihuly Garden and Glass here in Seattle. Excited to have collaborated with Kristien Ziska on some large format pieces that are part of our ongoing series PORTENT. Above is one of mine that will be at the kick off tonight. Visit the block party this weekend to see all the great visual art that Laurie Kearney of Ghost Gallery has worked hard to bring to CHBP! As always, thank you for looking. 


i should live in salt for leaving you behind.

puget sound on a pretty day. seattle you sure are lovely sometimes.


salton see.

spooky salton sea sunset back in april. total ghost coast.



more salvation mountain, film edition. really so full of love for this place and the man who made it. 


i'm a sinner.

one of the most amazing places i've ever visited, salvation mountain.



Recantation // 9"x12" // acrylic on paper 2013
still on this vibe. my current favorite lady I've done so far this year. and where has this year gone? it's a quarter over already! time you dirty trickster. x


caught your eye on the other side.

Other // 11"x14" // acrylic on paper 2013

this was my 666 post. yeah! hope spring is treating you right. x


i can't stop thinking about you spirit world.

Summoned I // 9"x12" // acrylic on paper 2012

Summoned II // 9"x12" // acrylic on paper 2012

just a couple of paintings from late last year that i never posted.


of two minds.

a little sketch i did back in october. hoping to make this into a painting soon. 


tonight my baby and me we're gonna ride to the sea and wash these sins off our hands.

this was a day back in november that i spent in portland. on this day i hung with my bestie since i was 12 (top photo), got a rose tattooed on my hip (in the city of roses) by old rad friend alice, and saw the boss for the second time in 2012. the kind of day dreams are made of.


everybody bleeding to the higgs boson blues.

 random snaps from the last few months. me and dear K on new year's eve.

 K and shea, who is back for good!

the truth is i have still been taking film photos, not as much as i used to but it's still happening. i get it developed and the envelopes just pile up. i have a real unenthusiasm for sharing as much as i used to, or more specifically going through the film once it's become an actual thing i can touch in my hands. i am working on this.

halo contemplates turning 12. TWELVE. this happened in december and i don't think i still have quite grasped it. or the way time moves and bends and children grow. i don't think i ever will. but boy do i sure love him.

 my little nephew luca, silly and free. xo


we go down with the dew in the morning light.

so excited for this album, i can't hardly wait. xo


let's rock.

my favorite dude in my favorite spot. and yes, he is turning into a giant. how did this happen?
hope january is treating you right. this year is gonna blaze on by, i can feel it. xo


print show!

Tonight is the opening of the 2013 group print show at ghost gallery! 5-830pm, and the show is up for a month. My four prints above will be there, along with some smaller additions, and so will I. Hope to see you there! xo


the darkest night.

happy solstice! i know i haven't spent much time in this space lately but i am planning on putting more energy into this blog again, and documenting my paintings + photos in the new year. you know, if the world doesn't end. happy holidays! xo


conjure II.

Conjure II // 9"x12" // acrylic on paper 2012

One of the pieces from my show on display now through the end of the month at The Belfry here in Seattle. xo


art opening tonight at the belfry!

this is tonight! i hope to see you there. the show will be up all of november.
for more info, please visit  www.lostteeth.net and www.thebelfryoddities.comxo


conjure I.

Conjure I // 9"x12" // acrylic on paper 2012

another new piece for my show on thursday. painting my little heart these last few weeks and i couldn't be happier.